Section 1. General Section.

1.1) These terms are concluded on the basis of legislation of the Republic of Belarus
1.2) The following terms are used in regulations:

a) The seller - travel company "Lorikeet tour" 230025 Grodno, Stefana Batoria str., 8 (hotel “NEMAN”), office 37,
b) The buyer - a person using the seller's service,
c) Services - sale of electronic passes to visit Belarus, the city of Grodno, part of his district, including the Augustow Canal in Belarus,
d) Purchase Agreement - the contract concluded between the Seller and the Buyer in momet when the buyer pays the Order; on the basis of the contract the seller is obliged to send to the Buyer permission in electronic form to visit Belarus, Grodno city and part of its area, including the Augustow Canal on the Belarusian side.
e) Resolution (or Pass) - a document entitling the buyer to enter the Grodno region of Belarus without having a Belarusian visa in the specifically chosen time.
f) Internet sales of passes - a system that allows buyers to purchase entry pass to Grodno and part of his district for a specific period of time and to get this pass electronically on your address e-mail. Service runs under the Internet address 
g) The working day - day of the week from Monday to Friday excluding holidays in Belarus.

Section 2. Purchase

2.1) Pass to Grodno, part of his district, including the Augustow Canal issued travel company "Lorikeet tour". Passes are paid.
2.2) Service allows you to buy a pass through the Internet in electronic form.
2.3) Price for pass to Belarus: 25 BYN

2.4) To buy passes is possible only 2 working days before planned visit to Belarus.
2.5) To obtain a Pass the Purchaser must perform the following steps:

• choose on the website the menu item "GET VISA-FREE ENTRY TO GRODNO," which leads to the address

• Download an application form to fill in. The application form is located at:

Additionally, in the application form, you need to insert a scan of the spread of the passport with photo.

If a few tourists – in the application form, you must enter all tourists + scans of passports of all tourists.

The completed application form to save and then in the checkout process – to put it in the appropriate form on the website.

Data of the Buyer to make Latin letters as in your passport on the photo page:

• Last name

• Name

• Middle name, if it exists in the passport

• Birth date - Year, month, day.

• Gender - male or female

• Period of stay in Grodno and the district, the Buyer must specify the period to 5 days, when is he going to go to Belarus without a visa.

• E-mail address e-mail to this address is sent ready Pass.

• Specify on the website figures the number of tourists who arrive in Grodno without a visa, press the button "Issue the order". In the "Your Cart" on the same page click the button "Order"

• Complete all required forms and submit the completed application form earlier to the order. Click "Build and pay"


When paying with a credit card, the Payer is redirected to the authorization page of the Internet payment company "ASSIST" for the next entering card details and authenticate the card holder using

• mechanisms of Verified By Visa (or) MasterCard SecureCode for card payment systems Visa, MasterCard (if necessary);

• technology BELCARD Internet Password – for cards of the payment system BELCARD issued by OJSC "ASB Belarusbank".

2.6) Service will fail if not all of the data listed in 2.5 will be send by the Buyer.
2.7) At the moment when the buyer pays for the order, automatically it means his agreement to these Terms of Service.
2.8) The seller accepts payment only by bank cards.
2.9) The service provides travel company "Lorikeet tour", which provides for the issuance of passes to the Buyer and notify the Border Committee of Belarus.
2.10) When the Pass is ready, the buyer will receive it in electronic form to the e-mail specified during the order.

Section 3. Order execution.

3.1) The time of the order execution means the time from the date of payment made by the Buyer until the Seller will send the Pass on e-mail address of the Buyer.
3.2) Orders paid online are executed immediately. The permit will be delivered to the Buyer email within 10-15 minutes.

Section 4. Changing data.

4.1) Changing the data is only possible if the order was placed and paid in the time interval from 20:00 to 5:59 the next day, on the condition that the change request will go to the Seller until 06:00 am on the same day; or if the order was made in the time interval from 20:00 on Friday until 5:59 next Monday, but the Buyer contacted Seller until 06:00 am this Monday (Belarusian Time).
4.2) To change the data the Buyer must write to the Seller in contact form on the main page of the Service.
4.3) Change of Buyer data in other cases than described in 4.1 is not possible.

Section 5. Responsibilities of the Seller.

5.1) The seller undertakes to transfer information about the customer (group of customers) in the Border Committee of Belarus, as of a person wishing to come to Belarus without a visa.
5.2) The seller must control the correctness of the transmitted to Belarus information and monitor the process of creating a Pass in Belarus.
5.3) Seller shall immediately contact the buyer in case of refusal of entry for him to Belarus and return the money.

Section 6. Responsibilities of the Buyer.

6.1) Before placing a order the buyer must make sure that his passport is suitable for trips abroad.
6.2) The buyer is obliged to provide correct data from passport and contact details when placing an order on the Site.



Section 7. Electronic payments.

7.1) Payment for a Pass can make using a bank card.
7.2) Payment by credit card services company electronic payments "ASSIST"


Available payment cards: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic, Maestro, BelCard

Section 8. Complaints.

8.1) Only the Buyer can make a complaint to the Service in writing way to the address of the Service. Complaints filed by other persons will not be considered.
8.2) Complaints about the services must be provided to the carrier no later than within 60 days after the date of the service.
8.3) All complaints are dealt within 14 working days from the date of receipt by the Seller of a written complaint, except for the days when the complaints will require clarification of details complaints by the Buyer.

Section 9. Refusal from Service.

9.1) Refuse from the Serice is only possible if the order was placed and paid in the time interval from 20:00 to 5:59 the next day, on the condition that the change request will go to the Seller until 06:00 am Belarusian time on the same day; or if the order was made in the time interval from 20:00 on Friday until 5:59 next Monday (Belarusian time), and the Buyer contacts seller until 06:00 am this Monday (Belarusian Time).
9.2) In case og refusal of service Buyer must write to the Seller in contact form on the main page of the Service.
9.3) The Seller within 30 working days return the money spent by the Buyer on the services
9.4) Refund will come in the payment card account with the help of which was produced the order.
9.5) Refuse from the Serice in any other case is not give the right to a refund.

Section 10. The refusal of the Border Guards of Belarus.

10.1) Seller returns 100% of the money received from the buyer, if the Border Guards of Belarus refused visa-free entry to Grodno for the buyers in the selected dates, only if such a refusal will be done before the first day of visa-free travel.
10.2) Seller shall notify the Buyer about refusal entry to Belarus by a telephone, or when there is no phone contact in an email.
10.3) Refund will come in the payment card account with the help of which was produced the order.

Section 11. Personal Data Security Policy.

11.1) In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Belarus "On information, Informatization and protection of information" dated November 10, 2008 (as amended) we guarantee the confidentiality of personal information of the Passenger, which comes to us via the Internet ordering system passes.
11.2) The Seller warrants that the personal information of the buyer will be processed solely for the purposes of the contract and for marketing Seller purposes.
11.3) Seller solely for the purpose of the Order provides data about the Purchaser to travel companies in Grodno and Border Committee of Belarus.
11.4) In the cases and under the conditions specified in the law of 29 August 1997 on Personal Data Protection (from 2002 changes in years, number 101, p. 926), the Buyer has the right to require that the processing of his personal data has been temporarily or permanently suspended or deleted if they are incomplete, outdated, untrue or collected in violation of the law or are no longer needed for the purposes for which they were going, and also has the right to submit a written statement on the termination of the processing of his personal data.
11.5) The Seller will not provide customer information to third parties except listed in 10.3 cases.

Section 12. Visa-free rules in Grodno.

12.1) tourist can visit region without a visa only during the period specified in the Grodno Pass document.
12.2) The Grodno Pass allows only one single entry to visa-free area in selected period of time.
12.3) Crossing the belarusian board is allowed in car checkpoints Raigardos (LT) - Privalka (BY) and Kuznica (PL) - Bruzgi (BY) 
12.4) Each tourist must have medical insurance valid in Belarus. It can be purchased at the border in belarusian checkpoints or in a insurance company in your country.
12.5) At the moment of entrance to Belarus a tourist should have 24 euro on each day of stay in any currencies.
12.6) Visit Grodno region without visa is allowed only for tourism purpose.
12.7) Is not allowed to leave visa-free region inside Belarus.