Information about the security of Internet payments

1.Credit card details of the Payer are not entered on VisaFreeBelarus website.

2.In case of credit card payment Payer is redirected to the authorization page of of Internet payments system for the subsequent input of the card details and cardholder authentication using:

-Verified By Visa and (or) MasterCard Secure Code - for payments by Visa cards, MasterCard ;

-Internet Password BelCard – for the Card payment by BelCard issued by JSC "Belarusbank".

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Access to the pages of the authorization is performed using a protocol that provides secure data transfer on the Internet (TLS).

To prevent fraud of credit cards, all orders issued on VisaFreeBelarus website and prepaid by debit card, checked by VisaFreeBelarus. According to the rules of payment by Visa, MasterCard, BelCard, in order to verify the identity and the right to use the card, Payer shall, upon request from VisaFreeBelarus, provide some data. This can be a copy of two pages of the passport of a credit card holder (page with photo), as well as a copy of a credit card on both sides (card number should be covered but the last four digits). VisaFreeBelarus reserves the right, without giving a reason, to cancel the order for payment, including the case of the failure to provide above mentioned documents by Payer (by fax or e-mail as scanned copies), or there is doubt about their authenticity.

Payment with Credit cards

Payment service for card payments provided jointly by JSC "Belarus bank" and the Company of electronic payments "ASSIST".

  • Check whether the bank card can be used for the Internet payments (this information provided by the bank that issued your card).

  • Select the method of payment by credit card. If you have Abelard, check out the information on the procedure for payment by Abelard cards issued by JSC "Belarusbank"

  • Click "Continue" button. VisaFreeBelarus site automatically redirects you to the payment authorization server system.

  • The authorization server establishes a connection with the Payer over a secure protocol (SSL 3.0) and accepts Payers bank card details (card number, card expiration date, cardholders name as it appears on the card).

  • You must enter card details on the payment page within 19 minutes (waiting time for input data ). After 19 minutes the payment will be closed due to the end of the waiting period.

  • The authorization server makes preliminary processing of the data and sends it to the bank settlement system (hereinafter - the Bank).

  • Bank checks for such Store in the system, verifies the operation with established system limits. As a result of verification, the interdiction or authorization of the payment to the card is proceed.

In case if the authorization is received from the card payment system:
1. Bank authorization server sends a positive authorization result;
2. The authorization server sends a positive authorization result to the Payer;
3. VisaFreeBelarus receives information about payment made, performs transaction for the services specified by the Payer.

In case if authorization is interdicted:
1. Bank transfers the refusal of authorization of payment to the server;
2. The authorization server sends VisaFreeBelarus rejection with the order number for payment;
3. Payer receives a letter stating the reason for refusal of authorization.

Reasons for refusal of authorization are as follows:
1. The card has not enough funds to pay for the order;
2. The bank that issued the card put a ban over the Internet use to prevent the fraud;
3. The input waiting time for credit card details is expired (details should be entered within 19 minutes from the beginning of the payment );
4. The entered data has not been confirmed by the Payer on the payment page, the data format error, etc.

Depending on the cause of failure of the authorization to resolve the issue, you can:
1. Repeat the payment, but no earlier than 20 minutes;
2. Seek clarification from the bank that issued your card;
3. If you can not solve the problem with the card - repeat the payment using cards issued by another bank.

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